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Our Leaders

Pastor & First Lady

Dr. Jerry & Leslie Johnson Sr.


Regional superintendent Dr. Jerry and First Lady Leslie Johnson share the gospel with a practical presentation and communicate with unmistakable clarity as they motivate and challenge people from every walk of life to strive for excellence in every area of their lives.

Through hard work and dedication to pursuing excellence in education, Pastor Johnson has received his Bachelor of Science degree in Communications and Management from Concordia College.

Church of God in Christ Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake appointed Pastor Johnson, a true visionary, Pastor of Lily of the Valley Church of God in Christ in July 1992. 

First Lady Leslie Johnson (Lady J) is a dynamic leader, speaker, wife, mother and  child of God. The women of Lily of the Valley Worship Center thank God for placing this true women of God as their leader.

It's been her insight, vision and love for the people of God that has brought her thus far. When the word of God is going forth and the presence of the Lord is in the house, you can hear her profoundly claim "That's the book!" 


Pastor and first lady Johnson are proud parents of seven wonderful children, Greg, Kanisha, Maceo, Renisha, Jerry II, Trachelle and Ashley.

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